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Together with Nobel Winner, Yofoto will set up Nobel Prize library

The Nobel Prize Winner, Richard J. Roberts came to Yofoto to discuss about the establishment of Nobel Prize Library

Both sides reach a consensus on the research direction of the library in the future and the research and development direction of Yofoto products in the coming days.

On May 10th, the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, Mr. Richard J. Robert, also the chief advisor of Yofoto Global Product Research and Development Advisory Committee came to Ningbo to discuss with Mr. Shi Guanghui about the feasibility of co-found of the Nobel Prize library and reached a primary intent of cooperation.

Doctor Roberts indicated that he would bring advanced biological technology power for Nobel Prize library by his accumulation on enzyme, gene and micro-organism studies of life health science and technology filed. Meanwhile, by virtue of his academic position, Doctor Roberts will lead to bring a group of world’s leading scientific talents for the Nobel Prize Library and form a group, applying advanced technology into the product development and making contribute to the study and innovative development of human health filed.

As the chief advisor of Yofoto Global Product Research and Development Advisory Committee, Doctor Roberts and Mr. Shi Guanghui discuss about the develop direction of Yofoto products in the future. Yofoto devotes itself to introducing world leading research and develop technology and excellent resources to inject advanced biological technology power to health products. This idea coincides with Doctor Roberts’ original intention that he hopes more people can enjoy much healthier life by the development of scientific studies. It won’t be very long until Yofoto applies scientific achievement to bring benefits to more people and let more consumers enjoy the health achievement bought by advanced technology with Doctor Roberts’ power of developing technology field. 

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