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YOFOTO is invited to attend Indonesia-China Economic Cooperation Forum

  Economic cooperation Indonesia-China Economic Cooperation Forum is held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

"It's a significant action to combine China’s advantages of fund and technologies with Indonesia’s advantages of markets and resource, which is in favor of promoting both China and Indonesia’s development. This action can serve multiple purposes. China encourages its enterprises to increase investment and development in Indonesia to realize mutual benefits.” This is Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s important speech in the Indonesia-China Economic Cooperation Forum.
On March 27, Indonesia-China Ecomomic Cooperation Forum is held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. This forum is co-sponsored by CCPIT and Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industy. The theme of the forum is "Deepening win-win cooperation, sharing development opportunities". Governors of China and Indonesia, leaders of trade associations,  business representatives, specialists and scholars, nearly 500 people attend the meeting. They disscuss many hot issues of Indonesia and China Economic cooperation, such as "Trade and investment facilitation", "Infrastructure constuction cooperation", "Indonesia and China companies jointly explore the ASEAN market" and so on.
As representatives from both sides, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Indonesia Predsident Djoko attend the forum and deliver keynote speeches. Chairman of Yofoto (China) Huang Jinbao, as the representative of health Industry and the trustee of APEC China Business Council, is invited to attend this forum.
With the vision and structure of globalization, Yofoto will make a good development of Chinese Market.
Win-win cooperation strategies, like resources integration and complementary advantages are the mainstream opinions for the countries pursuing development. Many companies also plan their development following this opinion. The core idea of the new goal of Yofoto (China) to create "Chinese Sample" of global Health Industry is consistent with the main idea of Prime Li Keqiang's speech.</div style="line-height:24px;">
Chairman Huang Jinbao believes that Chinese Market is the main battle ground of the future international competition. To make a good development of Chinese Market with the globalized patterns and visions is the only way for Chinese enterprises strive to become the leader of Global market. Yofoto has built global industry chains and is creating the” Chinese Sample” of Global Health Industry.
Since 2009, Yofoto has started to build global industry chains and integrated global quality resources. In China, France, Australia and Canada, Yofoto has established raw material base,manufacturing base and research and develop center, forming a globalized supply chain. Meanwhile, Yofoto has developed oversea market in Russia, Thailand and Vietnam and set up oversea branches in those countries.
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