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Yofoto (China) Yofogo Cloud Business strategy launch and 2015 Carnival activity month grand opening

Yofoto “Third Five year Strategies” proposes a new goal: To be the “Chinese Sample” of Global Health Industry. “Chinese Sample” represents new thought, new technology, new model and new culture. Meanwhile, it stands for an example. Let us go forward to achieve our vision of becoming the most respectable international enterprise.
——Chairman of Yofoto (China) Health Industry Co., Ltd  Huang Jinbao

At the first year of Third-Five Year Plan, Yofoto puts forward a new goal -forging the “Chinese Sample” of Global Health Industry
360°New Three Net Model, leading Yofoto‘s new future
 Yofoto‘s new future Varieties of Carnival activities help for celebration life spark
On May 9th, 2015, Yofoto (China) Yofogo Cloud Business strategy launch event and 2015 Carnival activity month opened grandly in Ningbo Yinzhou Gymnasium. Global Yofoto families get together to celebrate the sixth birthday of Yofoto Health Industry Park. At the same time, they witness the most important link of Yofoto “Third Five strategies practice——the grandly launch event of Yofogo Cloud Business.

In Ningbo Yinzhou Gymnasium, Yofoto families attend the meeting with enthusiasm

Yofoto (China) Yofogo Cloud Business strategy launch event and 2015 Carnival activity month grand opening in Ningbo Yinzhou Gymnasium.
Yofoto families from all over the world get together
Board Chairman Huang Jinbao leads the company management to attend the meeting.
Pursuing dream in the Third Five Years, trend leads future.
“This is a rapidly changing era. Kinds of new things emerge in endlessly. The speed of changing is far beyond our imagination.” During the meeting, Mr. Huang Jinbao remarks in his speech that the global economic environment has changed. In the context of Chinese market becoming the global market, the development of internet has changed many people’s life. “Internet+ Health Industry +popular entrepreneurship” are inevitable and the prospect is self-evitable.

With the hurrah of the whole audience, Board Chairman Huang Jinbao comes onto the stage

Board Chairman Huang’ speech makes Yofoto families feel full of confidence
President of Yofofo (China) Supply Chain Centre Mr. Shi Guanghui shares Yofoto product strategy with the theme - subsistence rely on profession.
President of Yofoto (China) Markdting Operating Center Mr. Sun Pengbo brings good news about business strategy to Yofoto Marketing partners.
Yofogo Cloud Business – a new business platform
At the conference, the general manger of Yofogo Cloud Business Mr. Kong Yang analyzes Yofogo Cloud Business Strategy. Yofogo Cloud Business breaks the traditional WeChat business model of layers of agents and overstock phenomenon. It launches a new entrepreneurialism idea. Customers don’t need to purchase and delivery, no overstock and after-sales service. Just transpond and share to his friends, it will generate revenues.   
General Kong introduced Yofogo Cloud Business from products, logistics and popularization. By an interesting video, he intuitively shows high yield, zero cost, risk-free features and six advantages including building brand product, marketing profession, and promotion in scale, training in series, three-dimensional channel, and income diversification. Every Yofoto families present feel full of confidence.

The general manger of Yofogo Cloud Business Mr. Kong Yang analyzes Yofogo Cloud Business Strategy
Many famous industry leading enterprises are Yofoto’s strategic cooperative partners.
The vice president of China Telecom Corporation Limited Ningbo branch, Mr. Gong Xudong gives a share as cooperative representative 
Chairman Huang Jinbao takes pictures together with Yofoto Loyal Figure
Yofoto Loyal Figures press the symbol of loyalty Golden fingerprint together
Loyal Figure Prize-winner Administrative Sales Director Mr. Wu Zejian
Loyal Figure Prize-winner Administrative Sales Director Ms. Xu Jingling
In the big family of Yofoto, there are a lot of excellent partners. With their persistence and selfless dedication, they get customers and career partners’ recognition, at the same time, they achieve their dreams and embody their own life value!
Administrative Sales directors couple Huang Chunrong and Xiang Yan
Senior Sales Manager Ms. Liu Beili
Senior Sales Manager Ms. Song Yuping
Senior Sales Manager Mr. Chen An
Senior Sales Manager Ms. Deng Xuelian
Sales director Ms. Liang Fengqun
From May 9th, 2015, Carnival activity month will continue untill May 17th. More interesting activities will show in the following days and ignite celecration life spark!
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