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“Health industry has a huge market, including medical product, medical equipment, rehabilitation treatment, home furnishing, health consultation, health management, health service, health insurance, healthcare food and nutritious food. These subdivided markets of health industry are just like pearls. It is almost impossible if any single enterprise attempts to dominate the market.

YOFOTO knows its advantage and core competence very well. It is just like a gold thread to string all these pearls to make a valuable chain, so these markets can benefit from each other. YOFOTO takes gene detection as the foundation, body adjustment by traditional Chinese medicine as the idea, high-technology product as the core, health insurance as the guarantee and provides medical service to safeguard the health and future of consumers!” Said by Huang Jinbao, the Chairman of YOFOTO(China) Health Industry Co., Ltd.

YOFOTO(China) Carnival Ceremony of Year 2016 was hold grandly in Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena.

All seats are occupied.

YOFOTO family members merrily gathered.

YOFOTO Carnival Ceremony of Year 2016 was held grandly in Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena on May 8, 2016. YOFOTO family members coming from all over the world merrily gathered to enjoy this great event. In order to achieve the goal of being “the example of China in global health industry”, YOFOTO works for becoming the representative of new mind, new technology, new model and new culture in health industry. In this carnival ceremony, YOFOTO made an announcement about the fully-upgraded strategy and business model, trying best for the third five-year plan and moving forward for the dream!

YOFOTO, health industry cluster linked by a full ecological chain

No ecology, no transcendence
Year 2016 is the second year in YOFOTO’s third five-year plan. With the main trend towards fast development of health industry and nation-wide entrepreneurship, YOFOTO leads the direction which is “to adjust the body in an accurate way”, and upgrades the best business platform.

In this ceremony, YOFOTO partners saw three companies owned by YOFOTO which are Youfu Genetic Health Management Co., Ltd., Ningbo Juncheng Insurance Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Haiwai Travel Corporation, along with YOFOTO’s strategic partners which are Annoroad Genomics, Meinian Health Industry Co., Ltd., and Sunshine Insurance Co., Ltd. YOFOTO, together with these companies, will establish a health industry cluster linked by a full ecological chain, which covers gene detection, health adjustment, risk prevention and rehabilitation treatment, to provide a comprehensive scheme of healthy life for both consumers and partners.

Three wholly-owned subsidiaries of YOFOTO and their strategic partners.

On the spot, YOFOTO(China) and Mercedes-Benz Ltd., the famous international company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which reached a climax of this ceremony.

YOFOTO and Mercedes-Benz Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Commend the loyal employees, grateful for their company regardless of situation

Chairman Huang Jinbao commended these loyal employees of year 2016.

Having great dreams and specific measures, we are confident that YOFOTO is able to create an unlimited future. All of YOFOTO’s partners will keep going more firmly towards the goal of being “the best in China, the best in the world”!

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