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    YOFOTO has dedicated to build the global best career platform and create good chances for people who want to become self-employed. Based on promising health industry, with the innovative model of Three-in-one Network Business, YOFOTO tries to build the best career platform and help more marketing partners to have their own career through efforts and persistence.
    YOFOTO has provided chances of self-employed for more than thousands of marketing partners. In the YOFOTO global best career platform, marketing partners not only get rich life through the sale and promotion of YOFOTO products but also attain self-employed experience through the process of joining in YOFOTO career. They expand their social contact area, increase the family happiness and reach a overall development of themselves. They are stepping from ordinary to excellent, finally to outstanding.
    YOFOTO provides not only career opportunities but also overall career development support for the growth of marketing partners. We are dedicated to make every marketing partner the most respectable international marketing elite.
    YOFOTO has 34 provincial branches in China. Meanwhile, YOFOTO has pioneered the markets in Russia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cameroon. The abroad markets cover east Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. We gradually set up sales service network covering from China to the globe to offer global marketing partners overall career support.
    Meanwhile, YOFOTO establishes an overall training system to help marketing partners to improve their operation capacity, self-quality and cultural connotation by YOFOTO Business College. For the purpose, we launch different training courses according to the different requirements of career development and individual growth for marketing partners. Meanwhile, through regularly class teaching, practical operation and 24 hours online classes in distance training center, we will develop our marketing partners into talents with broad knowledge and professional skills and ensure the sustainable development of our career.
    YOFOTO global best career platform offers our marketing partners not only the chance of self-employed and success but also a brand new life style. Under the advocation of YOFOTO harmonious culture, more and more YOFOTO partners have healthy bodies, happy families and successful careers. Every year, our marketing partners have the chance to travel abroad with their families. The unique journey makes the abroad travel a life style of YOFOTOERs. every time, the gains are accompanied with applauses and cheers. We feel incomparable honors.
    At the same time, every marketing partner also fulfills YOFOYO values with their own actions. Through the sharing of healthy products and career opportunities, they help more people to have a high-quality life. Besides, they feedback to the society with TOFOTO and share their values with societies. Finally, we will achieve greater life values.